More Truck and Trailer Financing Tips

February 29, 2008

We're continuing our financing tips from our last post:

Know your credit score. How good a financing deal you'll be able to arrange depends on your creditworthiness. The higher your credit score (over 720 is great), the better the deal you'll be able to cut. You should review your credit record at least annually. You can get one free credit report per year from each of the three major credit reporting agencies. That means you can be a free report every 4 months every single year. Click here to get your free credit report. Once a year pay the extra few bucks to obtain your credit score with your report. The report is free, but you have to pay a small fee for the score.

Proof of insurance. Have your proof of insurance ready to go. If you talk to your insurance agent about what you plan to buy, he can give you some idea what the insurance will cost. Don't neglect to consider insurance costs in your purchase budget.

Read the fine print. Make sure you understand the terms of your financing. Some financing options may sound good but can cost you more in the long run. Check with your accountant, lawyer or banker if you're not sure about terms or conditions in the financing plan. Don't sign on the dotted line unless you fully understand what you're signing.

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