Trucking by the State – Michigan

October 23, 2012
Michigan is another of the four season states. It has beauty to be found each and every season while you are driving down one of the state's trunkline systems. Most of the statestrunklinesmake up most of the 9,720.8mile system are posted with an Interstate, US or M numbered designations. Even though each of these different types of route designations has different route markers, they are marked and maintained by the Michigan Department of Transportation. The most travelled interstate system in Michigan is Interstate 94 or I94. I94 connects the lower part of the state from its Canadian passage through Sarnia Ontario Canada all the way across the bottom of the state to the other end of the state to cross over into Indiana. This travel way goes through many cities and connects people from Canada into the United States. Michigan Trucking Association or the MTA can be found at They take pride in all the drivers that Michigan has to offer. Every year in early June they have a competition called the Michigan Truck Driver Championships. This is an event where drivers apply from all over the great state of Michigan to compete. Some of the requirements are that the driver must domiciled or residing in Michigan, regularly performing duties of a professional truck drive, have an accident-free record of at least 12 months prior to the Michigan Truck Driving Championship, meets DOT (Department of Transportation) physical requirements and has necessary endorsements for class of competition, and be employed by one employer continuously for 12 months prior to the driving championship. They compete in nine different categories. The drivers can apply for a maximum of two. They are straight truck, three (3) axle tractor semi-trailer, four (4) axle tractor semi-trailer, five (5) axle tractor semi-trailer, tanker, Five (5) axle semi-trailer, flatbed, Five (5) axle semi-trailer, twin-trailers, sleeper berth and step-van. The winners of the 2012 competition can be found on their website. Another great thing about the MTA is that they have an annual Michigan Truck Exposition and Safety Symposium. The next one will be held on February 19-20, 2013 in Lansing Michigan. At his gathering there are breakout sessions to help the drivers see dangers in their environment and address them. They will have speakers and a place for truck accessories and information. The MTA also has other seminars at other times to help the drivers be more safe in their environments. Check out their website for all the latest information. Being a driver in Michigan has it's perks. Just travel and look around at all Michigan has to offer and you will be back…If you need trucks in Michigan, click here!
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