May 2015 Scholarship Winner - Carrie McNamee

May 18, 2015

Congratulations to Carrie McNamee!

Carrie is the 2015 Spring winner of the $500 Trucking School Scholarship Award from Trucker to Trucker.

She'll be attending the Southeastern Illinois College truck driving program starting June 1st. The intensive 6 week course is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills to successfully operate an 18 wheel tractor trailer.

Carrie already has her Class B CDL license and several years of experience behind the wheel as a school bus driver. Now that her kids have graduated high school and moved out on their own, she is ready to become a team driver with her husband who has been a professional driver for over 20 years.

Something that helped Carrie to really stand out among several great applicants is her commitment towards giving back to the community and desire towards being a role model as a woman in trucking.

"I want to empower young girls and other women in what has been a predominately male profession the same way I have been empowered by other women and what better way for me to do that then with the firsthand experience that I would receive by being a Professional Truck Driver," says McNamee.

She also plans to join her husband as a member of the Trucker Buddy Program, a great way for drivers to partner with teachers on educating young children on Highway Safety, Seat Belt Safety, and Commercial Vehicle Safety.

We at feel incredibly fortunate to have a small part in making her dream come true.

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