What's Been Happening Over at Manac Trailers

January 16, 2012

Manac is considered "the truck trailer manufacturer of tomorrow" due to its uniqueness in detail and production of the most innovative elements of designs needed with expert manufacturing. The Manac Company boasts over 40 years of expertise in producing quality tractor trailers for sale. They provide a wide variety of trailers that include dump trailers, stepdecks, flatbed semi trailers and many more. You are in capable hands with Manac and you can rely on them to transport anything to any place and in any way you prefer.

Manac is a company with a mission to be the very best manufacturer of custom semitrailers. They have been recognized for their superior performance and advanced technology that comes through a host of talented staff and business partners that hold their standard in high regard.

For instance, their Dump Trailers or grain haulers are designed with parts that are highly functional. The features are inclusive of swivel points that are mounted outside of the main beams that provide increased stability. The plug welded coupler plate makes for a better connection with the frame of the trailer. A four-finger door locking mechanism is made with a stainless steel hook plate, which eliminates the need for compression. It also locks at the bottom of the door. Finally, the pyramid-shaped dog house encourages low friction while unloading.

The Manac Chip Trailers are a prime example of the quality and expertise that goes into each part for maximum performance. Its coupler plate is reinforced with fabricated stiffeners that are strong, yet light. The subframe has a plug-welded connection which eliminates the potential for cracking. The roof bows are bolted to the structure and facilitates maintenance. All of the top rear corners are integrated into the header. This promotes increased life of the rear door frame. In order to reduce the damage potentially caused by the tippers, the bottom rails are reinforced. Even if you're seeking to cut costs by obtaining Manac used trailers, you can be assured of receiving a highly competent product.

The Extendable Flatbeds are built to exceed the customer's expectations and ensure satisfaction. The highest standard is exhibited in its four steel rollers that are equipped with steel bearings. This mechanism ensures a smooth extension and retraction. The whole structure is completely shot-blasted, painted and primed to reduce the need for maintenance. Reliability is enhanced with the main beams being fully welded on both sides. These Manac trailers are built to last through the most rigorous transporting jobs.

Manac Inc. has also received newsworthy recognition for its brand. In September of 2011, Manac Inc. was recognized as Canada's largest manufacturer of specialty semitrailers and custom-built trailers. The big announcement revealed that Manac had received and delivered and large order of poultry trailers to Trailcon Leasing Inc. The order of combo flatbed trailers were purchased to support their fleet requirements and was considered a "milestone" for Manac and the receiving companies.

Manac experts will be in attendance at several 2012 events to meet with business representatives and consumers in cities throughout North America. In March is the Mid America Trucking Show of 2012 in Louisville, KY; in April is the Expo Grans Travaux of 2012 in Montreal, CA; also in April is Trucksworld 2012 in Toronto, CA.

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