Manac Semi Trailers Rise Up to Meet the Road

July 28, 2011

At Manac, the motto is "whatever the road" and as the largest manufacturer in North America of custom-built and specialty semitrailers, the motto is right on target. Whether you are looking for a flatbed, van, forestry, off-highway semitrailer, or a lowbed, a Manac trailer can provide your company with a product designed specifically for your needs.

Manac brings custom features and innovative design to their product lines designed around what you, their customers, need in a towed vehicle.

With over 40 years' experience and designs created for specific industries, such as the forestry industry, it is no wonder that their guiding principles include the statement "To offer top quality semi trailers that meet and exceed customer expectations".

With two plants in the U.S. and the original plant in Quebec, Canada, Manac currently manufactures over fifteen different types and designs of semi trailers.

For the agricultural industry, Manac produces two different types of grain haulers. Standard features on the dump trailer include a plug-welded coupler plate, a pyramid shaped doghouse, swivel points mounted outside of main beams, and four-finger door-locking mechanism with stainless hook plate. Options include items such as polished wall panels and grain chute extension.

The grain hopper has a front ladder and catwalk, as well as a butterfly door crank, welded tarp bows with full length ridgepole, and 30 and 40 degree floor slopes. Other options are available.

The construction industry is well represented with these models designed for them: lowbeds, square aluminum end dumps, bathtub style end dumps, half round end dumps for demolition, bathtub style end dumps for recycling, bottom dumps and side dumps.

There are lowbeds, logging trailers and chip trailers for the forestry industry. Standard features on the logging trailer include front connectors mounted on bolted plate, plug-welded bunks with floating structure, pockets built with high tensile steel, floor integrated into frame, and additional rear-view lights. Other options available are Manac high clearance lift axle suspension, double pockets for long loads, structure ready to install a front-end loader, and variable width bunks.

And for the highway, Manac produces dry vans, steel flatbeds, aluminum flatbeds (Darkwing), combo flatbeds, extendable flatbeds, ultraplate dry vans, transfer trailers, and mechanical detachable lowbeds. Manac trailers are certified U.S. EPA Smartway which gives them the mark of being cleaner, more fuel efficient transportation.

Manac has 107 locations in the United States and 17 locations in Canada where you can purchase a Manac semitrailer to suit your needs.

You will find parts and service in 101 locations in the United States and 33 locations in Canada.

Financing on new semitrailers is available through Finloc, lease financing, who has partnered with Manac for leasing options. Pre-owned semi trailer financing is also run through Finloc.

Charles Dutil, President of Manac, states that "Whatever the road... We'll be there".

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