Mack Introduces New Integrated Products At Mid-America Truck Show

May 4, 2012

Those visiting the Mid-American Truck Show this year were treated to the announcement by Mack about the release of their newest integrated products. The Super Econodyne Powertrain and Pedigree Uptime Protection Service and Support Package serve to prove why Mack has such a solid reputation for longstanding leadership in this field. It was through their realization 112 years ago that "components designed to work together provide superior performance," that served to provide the motivation and direction for their new product line.

Although the Pedigree Powertrain has been the proprietary engine, axles, and transmission for Mack's since the 1900's, the new Super Econodyne powertrain is designed to improve fuel economy by 3.5%. It works with the MP8-445SE engine, mDrive automated manual transmission, and C125 proprietary drive axles. The result is a new design that reduces fuel use, but does not compromise on power or performance.

The new Econodyne is available on all Mack Pinnacle Class 8 commercial models and is seen as an ideal option for dry bulk, refrigerated, and liquid hauls as well as flatbed operation. The engine itself provides 445 hp with up to 1,760 pounds of torque, is aerodynamic in design, and is rated up to 88,000 pounds GCWR with even greater operating benefits. One of the best aspects is the "down speed" feature that cuts 200 rpm's off normal operating speed while maintaining desired power. In the long run this reduces fuel consumption by 2% with an equal reduction in CO² emissions.

Most important to fuel efficiency is the mDrive transmission. This 12-speed automatic has a gearshift that is operated by what is call an "intelligent shift pad module." This is managed by sophisticated electronics that continuously monitor changes in grade, throttle position, vehicle speed, torque demand, combined vehicle weight, and acceleration. To better control road and engine speed, the transmission is designed with two-speed reverse functionality. Finally, pulling it all together are the new axles that have a 2.66:1 ratio and deliver an additional 1.5% fuel economy.

To ensure all components work well together is a software package. This allows the engine to seamlessly communicate with the transmission that corresponds with the vehicle resulting in instantaneous decision-making. For drivers that depend on their equipment for a livelihood, this ensures that key features work at optimal efficiency and are included in these important design packages.

Mack's second new product, which is managed by Bulldog Service Management, is the Pedigree Uptime Protection Package. This is an integrated aftermarket solution that was designed to ensure customer satisfaction with parts purchasing, service, and asset protection. This means that the entire truck ownership experience falls under the purview of the new policy with the goal of keeping clients in front of the competition. Mack has led the industry for many years and it is anticipated that their latest integrated products are going to be the hottest on the market today.

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