Looking Into A Complete Line of Trailers

August 1, 2011

There is no U.S. equipment trailer manufacturer that offers a more complete line of trailers for the construction, agriculture, waste and recycling, transportation, and industrial markets than Trail King Industries Inc. Its trailers range in load capacities from 6,000 to 1 million pounds.

With its Trailer King Trailers – semi trailers sold all over the world, the reputation for quality and performance of this trailer manufacturer is incomparable. Its reputation was built in 1974 and continues to stand the test of time. The company develops trailers with enhanced features in order to meet the specific needs of their customers.

Trail King's product line includes:


Advantage Plus! HDG (Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck)

The Advantage Plus! HDG trailer features a new gooseneck design and a long list of new standard equipment. Its standard features include self-lifting hydraulic cylinders, non-ground bearing design, and V-shaped alignment guide.

The new and enhanced features of this Trail King Trailers – semi trailer are: 5-position gooseneck door adjustment that allows for a full 8" range of king pin height settings, the new arched design that provides ample truck frame clearance, and the heavy-duty pullout front outriggers.

Other features that were formerly available solely as add-on options are now included as standard equipment: covered knuckle trough in the rear deck, covered boom trough in the wheel area, third lift axle, adjustable ride height control, and a sealed plug and play electrical system.

TK APBE 1600 External Ring Pneumatic

This Trailer King Trailers – semi trailer is a new addition to the company's wide array of trailers. It is lighter, stronger, and more maneuverable. The standard features of the APBE 1600 External Ring Pneumatic are: automatic slack adjusters, aerators with individual control valves, aluminum fenders, and sealed beam lights and harness.


Commercial HDG (Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck)

The standard equipment of the Commercial HDG is composed of: 4-beam main frame construction, hydraulic gooseneck support arm, air ride suspension, 10" I-beam cross members on 24" centers, and swing-out outriggers with planks.

The hydraulic gooseneck support arm, which comes as standard equipment, holds the gooseneck up when it's detached from the trailer. The 4- position ride height adjustment allows you position the trailer to match the particular requirements of the truck, the load, or the hauling conditions. The I-beams are constructed of one-piece web and fangs material and welded on all four sides to seal and protect the seams from rust. The result of this is an I-beam that is not only longer, but also stronger.

Aluminum/Steel Step Deck (Advantage ACS)

This Trailer King Trailers – semi trailer has standard attributes that consist of anti-lock brake system, air ride suspension, 49" loaded kingpin height, aluminum decking with 4 nailers strips, automatic slack adjusters, and sliding winch track located on the side of the driver.

The ACS features rubber-mounted, shock-proof, sealed lights and rubber grommets wherever wiring runs through the frame for a longer, trouble-free, low-maintenance performance life. Also, the trailer has implemented Flow-Line Manufacturing Technology that significantly increases production efficiency.

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