Long Haul Drivers Need a Health Makeover

February 23, 2016

Time to Take Health into Consideration

For all of you short and long haul truck drivers, your health is becoming a major issue in the world of trucking. If you have been following Trucker to Trucker, you know that the latest facts and figures show that over the road truckers have almost twice the amount of health-related problems than employees in other types of jobs. Long hours sitting on your butt behind the wheel, fast food meals and constant stress behind the wheel are the major cause.

Obesity is #1

Research from the University of Utah confirms that about 53% of all truck drivers are either obese or morbidly obese, with only about 15% being within normal body weight limits. Although this may seem completely about a healthy living issue, it's really about a trucker style of living issue that won't soon go away.


There is a certain perception about long haul truck drivers. The general population views them as big burly tough-guys, who chomp cigars or chain smoke cigarettes, while driving an 18 wheeler effortlessly down the road and being capable of eating food that would nauseate a billy goat. The unfortunate aspect is that this romantic perception of truck drivers is being embraced by the drivers themselves. Truck drivers think they are indestructible, but their bodies are saying otherwise.

Change Comes Hard

The change comes with diet and exercise, and even though that's easy to read, it is difficult to implement. But remember, 15% of all truckers have it figured out. They eat right and work out, keeping their bodies in shape. They are the leaders in healthy truckers, and until everyone else follows the leaders there can never be a health makeover.

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