Liquitube Flatproofs Trucking Tires

April 25, 2014

Liquitube Flatproofs Trucking Tires. Eliminates Tire Headaches. Bolsters the Bottom Line.

LiquiTube Premium Tire Sealant is changing the game when it comes to trucking tires. Flatproofing tires with LiquiTube is like buying tire insurance. But the benefits are immediate.

When used as part of a preventative maintenance program, LiquiTube saves companies and owner/operators money in 5 ways:

  • extending tire life by up to 40%
  • eliminating driver downtime due to flats
  • eliminating vehicle downtime due to flats
  • eliminating tire repair expenses
  • extending fuel efficiency by keeping tires properly inflated & balanced

LiquiTube is a one-time treatment that lasts for the life of the tire. It will seal up to 3/4" punctures in heavy-ply treads, as well as all bead, rim & slow air leaks. An over-the-road tire that is treated with LiquiTube will run up to 30 degrees cooler, because the sealant acts as an insulator and dissipates the heat evenly throughout the tire. Because of this, retreaders can sometimes get an extra rep out of a set of casings.

By keeping tires properly inflated, Liquitube makes them less susceptible to blowouts, thereby enhancing driver safety. A tire treated with LiquiTube remains treated, even if the trailer sits for a year or more. Fleet managers no longer need to worry about tires on inactive vehicles going flat.

LiquiTube is 100% water soluble, and washes out with a hose. It is NOT a petroleum-based sealant (like the green stuff), so it's clean to work with and safe to wash down any drain. LiquiTube is guaranteed to remain liquid in the tire for as long as it is in use. It will never separate or break down, and has an indefinite shelf life.

Click here to see a semi-truck puncture test:

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