Accessorize Your Truck with LED Lighting

November 22, 2012

One of the truck accessories that is fast gaining popularity is LED lights. The longer life of LED bulbs and their superior lighting have made them the accessory of choice for many truck owners and operators. Another key advantage with LED is that it uses much lesser power than the traditional bulbs, while producing higher output.

LED lights are the latest innovation in lighting technology, which makes them very trendy and cool for many buyers. These lights can enhance the lighting power and appearance of the headlights and tail lights, apart from several other points where they can be used to a spectacular visual effect.


An LED light bar is typically a 48 or 60 inches long strip of LED bulbs that can fit into the vacant space between the rear bumper and the bottom of the tailgate. This may perform the role of a running light, brake light, or even a blinker when you turn signals. LED light bars are still quite new as a truck accessory, but quickly becoming popular with many truck owners and operators.

Your chances of someone rear ending you with a LED bar are minimized to an incredible degree. They are outstanding and sharp but they are practical as well and are an enhancement to the lighting system your truck came with.

LED Tail Lens

You can upgrade your truck's existing tail lenses with LED tail lenses to provide the truck a different appearance. This accessory is affordably priced, and can enhance the personality of your truck significantly. LED tail lenses are easy to install, brighter in terms of output, and will last for a fairly long time. They are practical and they are a decoration as well. There is nothing wrong with this combination at all.

Lights such as these overcome any fog issues, certainly more than the standard lights that cannot penetrate deep or severe fog. Again, this is where these lights may just help increase driver awareness and prevent a major accident or an accident at all. These lights may just help law enforcement in certainly situations as well.

LED Third Brake Light

The third brake light of your truck does not have to hang out poorly at the back. You can transform it into something brilliant and stylish with an LED third brake light. It will light up quicker and shine brighter. The driver behind you will not only appreciate the nice light show, but will also receive a sharper warning of your braking intent. This may just save their life and perhaps even save yours as well.

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