KeepTruckin App Turns Your Smartphone into Digital Drive Log

December 24, 2013

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Long-haul trucking is the latest pie Google has decided to poke its finger into. Backed by Google Ventures, a new startup called Keep Truckin aims to move heavy-haul truck drivers into the digital age one cab at a time -- and the initial lure is definitely tempting.

Keep Truckin's first venture is a free digital driving log app available for both Android and iPhone smartphones. But this is just the tip of the ice berg. In time, Keep Truckin wants to streamline your truck cab, stripping it of old-fashioned paper log books and fax machines and turning your smartphone into a handy, all-in-one digital assistant.

We find it interesting that while Keep Truckin is aimed at truck drivers, much of its pitch is directed to fleet managers. Google must figure it can get truckers on board faster if it can convince fleet managers to make the switch to digital and drag their drivers along. The ploy also seems to indicate the site's ultimate direction. There's certainly more money in fleet operations than individual truckers!

That aside, Keep Truckin's Mobile Log Book for Drivers is pretty slick and FMCSA compliant. The app is easy to use even if you're missing the geek gene or aren't a regular app user; and it offers a number of features drivers should find handy:

  • Lets you track your HOS driving logs and update your duty status on your phone.
  • Alerts you of HOS violations in your log book so you can avoid costly fines and protect your CSA score.
  • Makes it easy to edit your logs if you need to correct or add information.
  • Allows you to send logs via email or fax directly from the app.
  • Logs can be sent one day at a time or in multi-day batches.
  • Use the app to complete your vehicle inspection report (DVIR).

Whether or not your operations manager or dispatcher is onboard, you can use the app to streamline your own record-keeping while continuing to provide driving logs in the manner required.

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