Keeping Your Rig RoadWorthy

June 22, 2011

Just what does RoadWorthy mean? It probably means many different things to many different people. Here is what it means to me.

Roadworthy, to me, is a simple word that encompasses safety. Basically, when I ask someone if their truck is RoadWorthy, I'm asking them "Is your truck safe to be on the road?" I guess now it goes into my definition of safety. What may be safe to you might be dangerous to me. So, RoadWorthy helps narrow down that general term of safety.

Many times we tell people, "That answer doesn't pass the 'smell' test." What we are saying to them is, your answer might sound good, but it just doesn't add up. The quick smell test of a RoadWorthy truck starts with the looks of the truck. I noticed a truck the other day on my drive up to Chicago that didn't pass a smell test, but was on the road. This truck had no front bumper and looked beat-up, and who knows if it was even properly insured, I think we all would agree that this truck was not RoadWorthy. But more often than not, the trucks are going to pass the smell test, so it is going to take some effort to find out what makes a truck RoadWorthy.

For the next Several weeks I am going to talk about making your truck RoadWorthy and give you tips on what I think will help make the average truck worthy of being on the road. Why, Because Safety isn't just about what kind of CommercialTruckinsuranceyou have, its also about keeping your Rig in Tip Top shape.

Keep on Truckin' and continue to make your Rig, RoadWorthy!

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