Introducing CargoTel

May 26, 2011

Today we would like to introduce our readers to CargoTel, a company that specializes in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for small, mid, and large-size auto hauling companies. CargoTel works alongside of a hauling company to ensure effective exchange of data for that company with any Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Smaller hauling companies are gaining more and more ground against the larger manufacturing companies in this market. OEMs are opting to provide more opportunities to companies with smaller fleets.

That is a great thing. The problem arises that one's business needs to expand to envelop these new circumstances. Inefficient processes can cause miscommunication that results in lost time and money. The technology that exists for networking and communication can be complicated, experiencing its own set of difficulties. Partnering with a company like CargoTel can potentially save a great deal of aggravation and lost efficiency.

Information Technology is not a simple beast. Systems need to know how to communicate with each other, uptime needs to be maintained, and knowledgeable personnel needs to be involved to iron out any problems. A small business with a fleet of 10 trucks really does not have a great need to hire their own in-house personnel for this problem. A manager needs to find someone who's knowledgeable, arrange for wages and benefits, and supply the infrastructure needed to actually do the job.

That money could be better spent invested back into the company. CargoTel provides the knowledge and equipment to ensure a business is able to pursue its goals with the support it needs in the technological world of today. Skilled professionals consistently evaluate the processes of your business as they work with you. The core competency of CargoTel is to provide automotive related services to companies that need affordable and professional technical support to thrive.

There are many firms out there that advertise IT support for a business. Many can provide a great benefit to the right customers. CargoTel differs in that they specialize in the field and functionality of the transport of vehicles. Their professionals are not looking to provide a blanket service to many different corporations. The core competency of CargoTel is to provide these services to the small and medium-sized hauling company that needs affordable technical support to thrive.

A lot of money is wasted on inefficient processes in virtually every industry. Reducing that waste is the key to helping reinforce the bottom line and the long-term health of a company. The importance of technology in today's industry means that no company should be without a knowledgeable support network for it. Trucker to Trucker is proud to endorse CargoTel as a provider of that kind of technical, industry-specific service.

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