5 Tips to Increase Your Semi Trailer Sales This Year

September 6, 2012

If you're doing business in trailer sales, you know the importance of positioning yourself in front of your potential buyers and getting them to come to you for all their trailer sales needs. If you are advertising online to attract more leads and sales, then you will want to digest these next 5 tips to help increase your semi trailer sales this year.

Use High-Quality Pictures

Good quality pictures can attract a lot of eyeballs to the semi trailers you are selling. Take multiple pictures of each and every trailer you have on your lot. Be sure to capture angles that showcase the quality and great shape of your trailers. After taking the pictures, post them on your website and other semi trailer marketplaces. Having good quality pictures will increase the likelihood of customers giving you a call for more information. Another great benefit of using quality photos is that they are proven to increase the open rate of your ads online by up to 90%.

Write Detailed Descriptions

Depending on the number of semi trailers you have for sale, it can seem like a daunting task having to write an accurate and unique description of each and every one of your trailers. However, do not take this lightly. Detailed descriptions of each of your trailers can help to pre-sell your customers. You can paint a good picture in their mind of how it will feel to own the semi trailer, etc. Having good copy to pre-sell customers is very important. You can outsource this type of pre-selling copy if you wish at sites such as Elance.com. Having a quality description can also help bring in search engine traffic to your website.

Use Video to Pre-Sell Customers

Nowadays, video is the most common way of consuming content. Whether it be news, how-to information, or semi trailer sales, videos can help you reach your target audience. Take a video of each trailer you are selling, focusing on key selling points that will convince your customers to give you a call asking for more information. Be sure to use a good quality camera that captures a clear, crisp image along with good audio. You can use the footage and post it along with the pictures and descriptions of each semi trailer.

Post the Price in Your Listings

When you post a listing online, be sure to display the price for each of your trailers. It can be quite frustrating for people shopping not to know the price right off the bat. Your customers will appreciate it, and you may receive more calls from them if you list the prices. If you think that listing the prices will scare away potential customers, it's not necessarily true. The overall online presentation of your semi trailers, along with the quality of the trailers themselves, should sell your semi trailers on their own. If a customer is driven off by the price, then its likely they are not serious buyers in the first place.

Answer/Reply to Calls Quickly

Once your phone starts ringing, be there to answer promptly. Be polite and answer any questions the callers may have. If you sell nationally, be sure to have a toll-free number that your customers can call. This can dramatically increase your call volume. Setting up a 1-800 number can also help you keep track of incoming calls and how effective your online advertisements are. If you want to have a successful year, be sure to follow this tips. Providing quality photos, videos, and detailed descriptions of your models will help your customers decide to buy from you since you will position yourself as the professional seller of semi trailers that they can trust.

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