Welcome Husky Trucks to our Dealer Network

June 2, 2011

It is our pleasure to welcome Husky Trucks to the Dealer Network of Trucker to Trucker.

Husky Trucks provides drivers in the Tacoma, Washington and Seattle areas with an easier access to the trucks and services they need to stay mobile. Seattle trucks ship several tons of freight in and out of the Pacific North-West to help drive the industry and economy of the area. The lumber trade requires heavy workhorses that can withstand the kind of abuse that the Pacific North-West will throw at it.

No driver wants to be idle for long, nor do they need to be with this Certified International Truck Diamond Standards dealership present. Husky Trucks is also proud to be a Certified Ottawa tractor sales, parts, and services dealer. This robust standard offering from Husky Trucks goes a long way to making sure a trucker finds the right tractor for their use.

Husky Trucks provides a wide choice of new and used commercial trucks from such manufacturers as Isuzu, International, Ottawa, GMC, and Volvo. Different types include box trucks, dump trucks, flatbed trucks, hybrid trucks, semi tractor trucks, utility trucks, reefer trucks, and crane trucks. The reach of Husky Trucks is further than simply the line ups of International and Ottawa commercial trucks though that was what they began with at the core.

Even if a driver is not looking to buy a new truck, the nationally recognized lease system from Husky Trucks can get a driver back on the road. Idealease is a creation of Husky Trucks that is a leasing system devised by trucking industry professionals for trucking industry professionals. There are many great benefits to acquiring a truck with Idealease if one is not interested in buying a new or used truck at this point in time.

Husky Trucks began with a single Seattle location in 1985. Founder Mike McDevitt eventually expanded that vision to include five other facilities that were able to provide access to GMC, Volvo, Ottawa, Isuzu, and International commercials. Service is a readily available commodity from Husky Trucks as they continue their presence in the market of the Pacific North-West and Washington trucks.

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(800) 240-5811
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Trucker To Trucker, LLC 13330 SR 17 Culver, IN 46511