How to Find the Perfect Trucking Job

June 5, 2007

Think a life on the road is for you? Truck driving jobs are plentiful right now and truckers are in high demand. You don't have to jump at the first job you see. You can afford to spend a little time thinking about your goals anddoing a little prep work so you get the trucking job you really want.

Plan ahead. Think about what you want both today and a few years down the road. Set some short and long-term goals. Remember to be flexible. Life changes so make sure what you do today prepares you for tomorrow.You might want long-hauls now; but if you get married and have kids, you might decide to switch to short-hauls so you can play catch with your kids in the evening. Do you want the responsibility and physical labor involved in pick ups and deliveries or do you just like to drive? If you like to call your own shots, you might consider becoming an owner/operator. If management appeals to you, consider looking for a job with a large company. What you want now and in the future should determine the type of job you look for today.

Check 'em out. When you find a trucking job that will help you meet your goals, take some time to research the company. Google them on the internet or check them out on one of the websites listed below. You should find out where they're headquartered and whether they have national or regional routes. Find out what kind of hauling they do and whether they specialize. Ask how long they've been in business. Firms with longevity are more likely to be with you for the long haul. Check to see if they have been involved in any lawsuits and ask why. The way a firm treats its truckers and whether it supports them will help you decide whether you want to drive for them.

Talk it up.Talk to other drivers to find out what they think about different companies and which ones they've liked driving for. Be sure you talk to more than one driver. The first guy you talk to could just be full of sour grapes. Check out the online truck driving forums, chat rooms andbulletin boards. They're a great place to get the inside scoop on jobs and truck companies. Talking to other truckers is the surest fastest way to get honest answers to your questions.

Where do you go to get info on truck companies and jobs? Check Trucker to Trucker first (click the link), then try these other websites for more information:

  • offers a listing of trucking companies from A to Z with info on each company and contact info.
  • is an all inclusive job site allowing you to search for truck jobs by type, company, and state.

You'll find more excellent tips on choosing a career in trucking and how to apply for a job on our Tucker to Trucker website; just click the link..

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