November 4, 2008

Although you'd probably enjoy it if you never had to open the hood of your truck again, it is inevitable that the hood will have to be raised sometime in the near future. Whether you're performing an engine check, topping off fluids, or allowing a potential buyer to inspect your engine, you're sure to experience the inconvenience of having to lift your hood in the near future. That is, unless you own a Hood Express.

Activated by remote control, the hood express lifts your cab's hood at the touch of a button so that you don't have to bother with tiresome bending, lifting, and hoisting. According to the product's web site, the innovation can reduce significant back strain from traditional raising and lowering of the hood.

Furthermore, the company suggests that the device is intended for safety, not just convenience, because of its ability to keep the vehicle's hood, and those who are working on it, out of the line of danger. According to Hood Express, the product helps reduce broken hood ornaments and hoods, prevent the closing of hoods due to wind, and locks the hood in a closed position, discouraging thieves or vandals. The product also makes it easier for truckers' to open their hoods, increasing the likelihood that they will participate in frequent maintenance and inspection.

As easy as the product is to operate, it is easy to install, requiring nearly no maintenance, and using an easy installation.

Available for Peterbilt, International, Kenworth, Freightliner, Mack, Western Star, and a variety of other makes, the Hood Express can be purchased as easily as it is operated, with the click of a button on the company's web site. According to the company, a tax deduction may be available for the purchase of the hood.

Whether you're interested in the Hood Express for convenience or safety reasons, the product is an innovation that truckers will soon be rallying for on their trucks. Instead of the strain required when opening the cab for daily maintenance and inspections, the Hood Express requires only the push of a button. A truly revolutionizing, but simple, product, the Hood Express will most likely be a hit with truckers across the United States.

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