Highway Products Truck Tool Boxes

June 22, 2008

As an experienced trucker, you wouldn't want to leave home without the tools of the trade, designed for emergency situations or everyday use. Where to store these tools, however, becomes a problem. Because many of the tools are expensive, insuring that they are stored properly is an excellent investment. Additionally, certain emergency equipment, like flares, must be stored carefully in order prevent accidents. An excellent way to make sure that your tools will be safe from harm and theft is by purchasing an underbody toolbox.

Highway Products produces underbody toolboxes in a variety of designs and sizes, which can be compared on their websites, www.mytoolstore.com. The boxes are perfect for safe, undercarriage storage because of their durability—they are made of the thickest aluminum available—and their security. Because the doors to the boxes are secured with top-of-the-line Hansen heavy duty locks, the aluminum used is 1/8 inch marine grade, and the boxes are weather resistant, Highway Products is certain its toolboxes can stand up to conditions under a semi-truck.

In addition to this security, which may be easily found among other product manufacturers, Highway Products' toolboxes include additional durability and security, including a welded stiffener bar and welded gussets in the boxes' interiors. According to Highway Products, this brand is one of the few that offers the additional measures. With secure piano hinges, and double door models that fix from the inside, drivers can be sure their belongings are safe for the duration of the journey.

Boxes are mounted on the undercarriage of the truck using either L brackets or Plate brackets. Both systems, thought they are not included in the cost of the boxes, are safe and secure, according to Highway Products' website.

Highway Products offers boxes in a variety of styles to suit the life of almost any trucker. For instance, the Single Door Aluminum Side Open Box is a cube measuring 24 inches on all sides. This box is perfect for storing valuables and small tools. The Single Door Drop Open box, offered in a variety of sizes, is more rectangular in shape and is perfect for truckers who want to store longer items, like larger tools for adjusting axel weight, etc. More traditional toolboxes, like the Top Lid Box, are also offered on the site, and come in a variety of sizes. Boxes retail anywhere from under $400 to over $700. Features such as brackets and hangers are also available from Highway Products as companions to the toolboxes.

Though truckers are faced with challenge of deciding which toolbox is best for their needs, patrons of Highway Products can rest assured that all products are safe, durable, and secure. In order to keep your valuables and tools accessible and safe, a toolbox from Highway Products is an excellent option.

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