Highlighting the Most Beautiful Trucker Finalist Amy McGrath

June 18, 2015

Beautiful Lady Truckers

Forget everything you thought you knew about truckers. The reality is that lady truckers are invading the industry, carrying on family traditions and becoming the new faces of trucking. Amy McGrath, one of finalists for the Most Beautiful Trucker of 2015, which is sponsored by Overdrive Magazine is just one such example.

McGrath has been driving for the past 15 years and manages to balance a professional career with her personal life. She is a mother or two and often works more than 60 hours a week to meet deadlines and help keep American running. Trucking is the perfect fit for her work ethic and independent spirit.

While some people would never even think to explore a career in trucking, for McGrath it is in her blood. Her grandfather drove for 46 years. It is people like her who serve as great advertising for the industry and show the world that truckers represent a diverse group of people who come from different backgrounds.

McGrath was more than modest about her nomination, claiming that she is just an average person. Part of what makes her attractive is her positive attitude and fortitude under pressure. Trucking can come with a whole host of different stressors, but she is able to take the unexpected in stride and keep a smile on her face. Not only does this make her a valuable employee, it has also earned her national recognition as one of the most beautiful truckers.

If McGrath wins the contest, she will be flown to Dallas as part of the Great American Trucking show. There, she will receive a full makeover, professional photo session and a feature in Overdrive Magazine.

Even if she doesn't win, her story provides inspiration for other lady truckers looking to make it in the industry and shows that world that truckers are beautiful people inside and out. Be sure to cast your vote and watch for results.

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