Great Trucking Apps to Check Out

April 21, 2015

Great Trucking Apps

As a trucker, you often have tight schedules with strict deadlines to meet, longing to get home to see your family or catch a good night's rest. Any tip or trick to save you time and energy is sure to be useful in your busy trip. With mobile phone usage passing laptops and apps for just about everything imaginable, it is easy to see why many truckers have switched to using their mobile phones for daily business. With that increase, there are a number of great trucking apps to check out that will make your day a little easier.

Co-Pilot Live Truck

This is a GPS app, but it isn't your average GPS system. Created for truckers, this will give your truck legal routes that are not only safe, but reliable and customized for you based on your truck size, weight and load type. You can avoid low-clearance and weigh-restricted roads, create custom routes, plan efficient routes and avoid out-of-route miles.


This free app helps you locate the cheapest gas! With thousands of contributors across the US and Canada, you won't have a problem finding a gas station with what you need. GasBuddy locates nearby gas stations and sorts them by gas prices, lets you view the stations and learn more about their features.

uShip Mobile

This app is handy for owner-operators. Finding your loads can be a task at times. UShip Mobile lets you see loads that people and businesses need shipped and then bid on them. After placing your bid, you get a notification letting you know if your bid was accepted or declined. This app also lets you see see booking details and use GPS to let the shipper know ETAs.

If you are one of the 65% of truckers who use smartphones, these are just a few of the apps that can make your job easier. For more helpful information, check out our website today!

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