Great Mileage Tracking Apps to Review

April 23, 2015

Mileage Tracking Apps

As a trucker, logging your mileage is of utmost importance because mileage is often what much of your pay is based on. If you don't log miles, you don't get paid. Logging miles used to mean coming home from your long trip and spending time in your logbook tracking those miles. If you were diligent, as you were supposed to be, you did it as your trip progressed. This could be quite a task and rather frustrating as every trucker wants to reach their destination by the time they promised the customer.

With the increase in smartphone usage and apps, there are many different ways to track your miles that make it quick and efficient. One great mileage tracking app for you to try and to review is MyCarTracks. With more than 150,000 downloads, MyCarTracks is the only app with an auto start feature. When you start the app, you can minimize it, forget it and it will automatically record tracks you make through the day using advanced movement detection to know when you're moving. MyCarTracks sends data to where data is safely store in the Cloud. You can record and visualize your tracks, control route, distance, drive times, and stop times. You can later use this data to optimize your performance.

Another great tracking app is Route Tracker, available for iPhone or iPad. After installing, it's as easy as tapping anywhere on the screen to start tracking your route, which makes your trip safer. Route Tracker has four different tracking modes. Those are: * Continuous tracking- This will track continuously until you stop the tacking, even up to days. * Smart tracking- This method automatically stops and starts tracking when it senses your stops/starts in movement. * Period tracking- A new route is created after a pre-defined period. * Super tracking- similar to continuous, except tracking every coordinate.

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