Government Funding Bill Adds a Rollback of Key Trucker Legislation

January 6, 2015

New Legislation

Last year, legislation supported by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association that required truckers to take two full consecutive nights of rest following 70 hours of time spent driving passed. While people on both sides of the aisle with concerns about truckers' safety supported the bill, a December 2014 spending bill in Congress includes a provision that would reverse the law.

What the Funding Bill Means for Truckers

A December 2014 article in NPR states that the change in the law that was included in the funding bill will mean that truckers will now be legally allowed if not required by some employers to drive up to 82 hours a week, which breaks down to an average of more than 11.5 hours per day. As drivers don't get paid overtime, the hourly increase in necessary behind-the-wheel time seems not only unsafe for many, but unfair as well.

Reducing the Number of Daytime Crashes

While the originally legislation was enacted in a hope to reduce the number of nighttime crashes, many argue that the forced rest (which had to be taken over a period of time that included the hours of 1:00-5:00 a.m.) may have reduced the number of nighttime crashes, but at the expense of increasing the number of daytime crashes, said Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine), according to a December 2014 article in While there's currently no data to prove the claim, many have supported the reversing of the bill.

More Hours Requires Better Parts for Truck Drivers

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