Get Your Co-Pilot GPS at Diesel Boss

July 14, 2009

When you're an over the road trucker, there's little that's worse than getting lost. Not only do you worry about picking up or dropping off your load, but you also have to be concerned about getting stuck in areas that don't accommodate trucks as large as yours. Getting lost is a waste of time, and ultimately money.

That's why it's worth it to invest in the Co-Pilot GPS system. No ordinary GPS unit, the Co-Pilot is designed especially for truckers. It knows that you can't travel down all roads, and it notifies you of this before you try to do so. With the Co-Pilot, you can see easy-to-read directions on either your PC or on a small screen purchased through a retailer like Diesel Boss.

The Co-Pilot is so easy to use that truckers won't have to think twice about recommending it to their friends. It even gives you step-by-step voice directions, in addition to showing you maps on the screen. Trip planning is another feature of the Co-Pilot, which helps you know from day one or hour one the route that your truck is heading. In fact, with multiple views such as the 3D view and the trip preview, which allows you to see how your route takes you across the country, you can be in charge of where you're handling before you even leave home base.

Because getting lost can end up costing you so much, the GPS systems are an investment that will cost you no more than $500, depending on the model. Just think about it, that's less than $500 for a guarantee that you'll be getting where you need to go on time and without getting lost. In addition, this kind of an accessory can help keep you safe. Instead of venturing off your path, where you might find safety hazards such as traffic congestion, road construction, and narrow roads, you can stay on the right road with this GPS unit.

In terms of traffic congestion, the GPS unit can even issue you warnings about traffic problems so you can take another route instead of facing long delays and possible hazards. You can also use your GPS system in case you do run into traffic problems by planning another route.

And now, the Co-Pilot system can even be fitted with an external antenna. This piece of equipment, which is waterproof and sells for under $200, can improve the range of your GPS signal, and also improves the performance of your Co-Pilot GPS unit.

No matter where you travel, the best in modern technology can help you get there and get there on time. The Co-Pilot GPS system is a great example of how technology can make your life easier as a trucker and a businessperson. Just like you wouldn't leave home without your cell phone or wallet, you shouldn't leave home without your GPS. GPS units like the Co-Pilot are an investment in your business.

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