Future Truck Trends – Where Are They Now?

March 27, 2014

Truck Trends

Five years ago, TrendHunter.com showcased 30 innovative truck designs with the potential to revolutionize the industry. Most of them never made it off the drafting table, but a couple of winners have made their mark. Hang on while we go back to the future!

  • Super Tipper Truck. With the ability to dump its load in any direction, amped up power and an aggressive new suspension system, the Super Tipper was designed to be the ultimate dump truck, able to climb rough terrain to pick up or deliver loads anywhere. The prototype by designer Haishan Deng never made it off the drafting table.
  • Hundinga Truck Boat. An upgraded version of WWII duck boats, this British-made truck/boat hybrid from Gibbs Technologies looked like a lumbering humvee but could streak across the land at 100 mph and splash through the waves at 40 mph. Gibbs still makes amphibious vehicles but now concentrates on the sports market.
  • Extender Elastruck. When you need extra hauling space, this car/truck hybrid was designed to stretch to fit the load. At the touch of a button, an electric piston could extend the rear of the truck to form a full-size 4x8 bed. Another interesting idea that never got off the ground.
  • Luxury Trucks. International LoneStar by Navistar brought style and luxury to big rigs. With a fuel-efficient aerodynamic design and premium tech features, the rig turned compact sleeper compartments into mini RVs with luxury accommodations. Introduced in 2008, the International LoneStar continues to dominate the luxury truck market.
  • Chameleon Truck. An innovative segmented body covered in a resilient soft tarpaulin shell allowed this truck to be reconfigured to match its cargo shape and size. A drive cockpit that loomed above the cargo rather than being built into the truck frame increased versatility and allowed easy automated front loading. This was another prototype by innovative designer Haishan Deng that never made it off the drafting table.

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