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October 31, 2010

Valley Freightliner in Washington State

Freightliner trucks are a highly needed vehicle for several industries with many different makes and models offered through several dealers. One such dealer, Valley Freightliner, is a top competitor in the dealership market of these vehicles, featuring several great offers online through ValleyFreightliner.com. The website is the portal to the vast inventory of trucks and services offered for commercial drivers and companies throughout the U.S., with headquarters in Washington.

New and Used Inventory

ValleyFreightliner.com offers a wide selection of new and used commercial freightliners, with special discounts offered on many used vehicles currently in inventory. The new stock consists of 2008-2010 vehicles, including the 2010 Freightliner Business Class M2 106, as well as various 2011 models such as the 2011 Freightliner CA12564ST Cascadia. The used selection can range through several small and large vehicles, with freightliners offered in great condition second hand, with a smaller price tag.
If you are searching for a specific freightliner truck for sale, ValleyFreightliner.com offers a handy truck finder tool to assist in locating the right truck for your needs, with email alerts when the truck you need is available if you don't find what you need. This is exceptional for ensuring that your business is able to locate the right truck to fit your needs.

Services Offered

ValleyFreightliner.com goes further than new and used vehicles, offering great services online including financing and commercial truck insurance at competitive low rates. There is also a payment estimator to ensure that you are getting a truck that is feasible with your monthly operating budget, giving you the full idea of what you are getting into before you buy. You can contact the company to schedule free pickup and delivery of your freightliner as well if you wish to utilize the body shop for expert repair to your vehicle, including custom paint jobs and windshield replacement.
Trucker to Trucker offers the full inventory offered through ValleyFreightliner.com, giving you full access to all the great deals and low prices, as well as the many services provided to finance your new freightliner. Getting the best service means having the best access and with Trucker to Trucker and ValleyFreightliner.com working together, you get the best access to the best trucks on the market with the most competitive prices. You can even obtain the commercial vehicle insurance required to operate your vehicle, giving you everything you need with just one stop right from your office.

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