Free Want to Buy Ads on Trucker to Trucker

February 6, 2008

Could we make it any easier? If you're looking to buy a special truck, trailer or other piece of trucking equipment, you can place a free "Want to Buy" ad on Trucker to Trucker. Yep, that's right. "Want to Buy" ads are free!

All you need to do is click hereand fill in the simple 2-part form which asks for essential contact info and a brief description of what you want to buy. Click "submit" and you're done! If you've got your buy info in front of you, it'll take you less than five minutes. Our staff will give your ad a quick review and activate it. Your ad will be viewable on for 60 full daysand (Bonus!) we'll send your request to our registered dealers. Before you know it you'll have the truck you've been hoping to find parked in your lot waiting for you to crank 'er up.

We encourage you to check out the Trucker to Trucker"Want to Buy" ads frequently. You know what they say: One man's junk is another man's treasure. You never know when something you're ready to sell is just what someone else is looking for. We've got some great ads running right now. Click here to see if you can help these folks out.

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