Flatten Your Belly While You're Driving

August 19, 2014

Exercising On The Road

Human bodies developed organically to perform certain tasks that help them survive. Our close-together eyes allow us to better judge distance when hunting. The tilt of our hip bones make it easier to walk or run upright.

One task the body never adapted to, though, is spending the better part of your day or night driving a big rig. The angle of the seat, the amount of time you spend slouching, leaning or perching behind the wheel; and the overall lack of regular movement during those endless hours while you're driving across the country all these factors add up to back complaints, stiff necks, sciatica nerve pain and other conditions.

Fortunately, you need not resign yourself to a lifetime of backaches or headaches. You can perform core-strengthening exercises behind the wheel that can help keep your skeletal and nervous system operating more efficiently.

Hollowing the supine

Best performed at a stoplight, this exercise helps core strengthening while boosting related muscles. Lay or sit in the car with your shoulders dropped (but no arch in the back). Breathe normally, but at the end of each breath contract your Kegal muscles (the ones that control your flow of urine); at the same time, draw your navel toward your spine to the best of your ability. Hold this position a second or two, then release.

Side balance clutch

Do this one when you take a break. This ground exercise keeps your back more flexible. Start with a left knee and left hand on the floor; then life and hold the other leg so your body shows a straight line. Bring the right knee in toward your chest, then pull it a back out straight. Repeat 10 times in either leg.

Good ol' fashioned walking

During a refueling/rest stop, take advantage of a half-hour or hour free to walk the grounds. Invest in good walking/running shoes and keep them in the truck. Walking is ideal to work large lateral muscles and build up endurance while flattening the belly.

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