Family-Owned Truck Dealerships in North Texas

November 30, 2010

Finding a good dealership

Texans know how to shop for a nice truck. In fact, the great state of Texas leads all others by a wide margin in truck purchases from 2000-2010. The key to truck shopping is to know where to look after you've decided it's time to trade-in your rattling, dusty truck for that Ford F-350 or GMC Yukon you have been saving for. Shopping for a good commercial truck dealer is even more of a hassle.

If you live near the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, you should already understand that finding a reliable truck dealer is not as simple as it sounds. The truth is that there are only a handful of reputable dealerships in the north-east Texas region which are known for their service, quality, and fairness.

An honest truck dealer is as hard to come across as a good, trustworthy mechanic. To make things worse, the recent wave of government auto bailouts has only dropped more blood in the water, and the sharks are starting to circle. So rather than give those shady truck dealers time to pick up the scent, drive over to one of these trusted local truck dealers in the area.

Bruckner Truck Sales (Amarillo, TX)

In Texas, it seems like there are more family-operated businesses than cattle, but another well-known family commercial truck dealership located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area has risen above the local competition. Bruckner Truck Sales was founded in 1932 by B.M. "Beenie" Bruckner Sr. in Amarillo, TX. The dealership thrives upon a simple business ethic: "hire good people". Bruckner Truck Sales has the distinction of renting commercial big rigs in addition to selling them.

Price International Inc. (Tyler, TX)

Local residents already know that Mr. Larry Price first opened his dealership in 1969. Today Price International Inc., one of the oldest commercial truck dealerships in the state, is still family-owned and operated in Tyler, TX located at 5033 Highway 271 about an hour-long drive south of Dallas-Fort Worth. The saying goes, 'everything is bigger in Texas', and Price International Inc. takes it to heart. The Price family specializes in big rig commercial trucking, flat beds, construction, etc. If sheer size is what you are looking for, make the long drive out to tiny Tyler, TX.

James Woods Auto Group Inc.

Two dealerships are better than one. James Woods' 30-year reputation as an honest straight-shooter is well-known in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Woods operates dealerships in Decatur, TX and Denton, TX, pulling customers from both Texas and Oklahoma. Not to be out done by the Price family, James Woods also deals in commercial trucking as well as new and used crew-cab models from all of the major automobile companies like Ford, Toyota, and GMC.

Sewell Automotive Companies (Dallas, TX)

Sewell dealerships are primarily located in and around Dallas, TX. Once again, Sewell is family-owned and operated with a business history spanning generations. As you would expect, the Sewell sales expertise handed down from 1911 is second to none. Sewell covers all of the bases when it comes to business: sales, finance, and maintenance. Most Sewell operated dealerships perform body work in-house, as well.

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