Portable Lap Desks

June 27, 2008

Although you might think you signed up to work as a trucker, not a secretary, it probably didn't take you too long to realize that trucking includes a lot of paperwork. From filling out logs to completing customs forms, by the time you're done signing on the dotted line, you'll probably have a hand cramp. Although paperwork can be tedious and frustrating, it has to be done, and several products are available for truckers who want to make the task of doing paperwork less painful.

Roadpro Trucker Lap Desks promise comfort and convenience for truckers sitting in their cabs while filling out paperwork. The desks include Micro-Bead Comfort Cushions that rest on the lap while truckers use the desks. The cushions are designed to accommodate truckers' comfort both while resting on the legs and while the truckers are writing. Truckers can use the desk while filling out paper work in addition to while they are reading or using their laptops. According to the Roadpro web site, the desk can also be placed comfortably on the steering wheel for an angle change. Roadpro also makes a desk model that is specifically designed to fit over the steering wheel.

The desk is not only comfortable, but also practical, including wells for pencils and pens, a smooth writing surface, and a clip for keeping paper secure. A reading light allows truckers to illuminate the desk surface without wasting battery power. For truckers who have to eat in their cabs, the desk can also be used as a table for mealtimes.

Both lap desks and the clipboard are available for around $20. Though they won't lighten truckers' paperwork load, these products can make the strain of doing paperwork a little less stressful. Instead of trying to balance paperwork on their laps or fishing around for customs instructions in an unorganized cab, truckers can make their lives easier with these products.

For those who would rather leave paper out of the paperwork, however, software is available to keep track of logbooks and other tools of the trade. While truckers may still need to fill out customs paperwork by hand, they may benefit from other products available to turn the trucker's cab into an office, like passenger seat or behind the seat organizers.

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