Easy to Use Digital Cameras

July 1, 2008

Traveling across the country might not seem like a vacation for you, but it probably exposes you to more scenery and famous sites than your friends and family back home. For this reason, digital cameras are becoming more popular with truckers. Not only can truckers take photos of the sites they encounter, but those photos can be uploaded and instantly shared with friends and family members back home with just a click of a mouse and an internet connection. Having a digital camera is a great way to stay connected.

In addition to use for nostalgic purposes, a digital camera is something every trucker should have in his or her cab for professional use. Although most drivers would prefer not to think about what can go wrong, damages unforeseen by the driver are always a possibility on the road. Whether you have a minor accident that damages the body of your truck or trailer or you use a truck wash that leaves your vehicle scratched or burned, having a digital camera will allow you to take and store photos of the damage immediately after it is done. Because filing a police report is often made simpler with incriminating photos, the inclusion of these photos can help you prove your innocence later on.

A driver doesn't have to look very hard to find a selection of digital cameras to choose from. Cameras are offered at national chain stores like Wal-Mart and Best Buy, and they are also often stocked behind truck stop counters. But getting a good deal on a digital camera is another matter. No one ever said you were a photographer, and having extra features on the camera not only drives up the price, but also makes the device harder to use.

Though the pen style camera might be great for mobility use, those who prefer photo quality over convenience should consider the Vivtar vivicam 8400. With eight megapixels, and 3X optical zoom and 4X digital zoom, the camera is sure to get great photos even of far away scenery. Though not a camcorder, this camera also allows users to record short videos, and because the card comes with a slot for an SD memory card, users aren't limited to the number of photos they take as long as they purchase multiple cards. Cards also make uploading photos even easier, as they can be easily used with universal card readers. This camera is available for just under $200.

Though photography was probably not included in your job description, having a digital camera can serve both amusement and professional purposes. But before buying a camera, truckers should consider what kinds of photos they want to take. Cameras can range in price anywhere from $50 to over $1,000. Knowing what you want and why will make sure you're not duped when you head to the service counter.

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