DOT Says Truckers Don't Need to Do Daily Paperwork as of Mid December 2014

February 5, 2015

Trucker Paperwork

Tired of filling out paperwork when you have no changes to report on your DVIR (Daily Vehicle Inspection Report)? Well, apparently the U.S. D.O.T. is also tired of reading them so as of December 2014, if you have no mechanical or safety issues to report, "fuh-get about it."

$1.7 billion in savings

More than saving you a little time and a lot of aggravation, the nixing of said reports will save the trucking industry an estimated $1.7 billion annually.

Good intentions, but the requirement of daily DVIRs falls short

Originally required daily from drivers in hopes of maintaining the safe operation of fleets, DVIRs were previously deemed necessary in order for fleet owners to be made aware of and held accountable for maintenance and safety issues affecting vehicles. The day-by-day requirement turned out to be overkill, however, as the majority of vehicles weren't effected with operational and safety issues at this frequency.

A useless waste

In approximately 95 percent of vehicle inspections, no equipment problems or safety concerns exist, squandering the time of truckers to the tune of an estimated 46.7 million hours of unnecessary paperwork each year.

A change in focus

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx hopes that since the unnecessary DVIR paperwork has been axed, drivers can instead put their focus where it needs to be namely on getting goods to their intended location safely and on time.

Out of date? Ineffective? Overly burdensome? Uh, yeah

One of the largest paperwork reduction rules in the last decade, the change follows a 2011 regulatory review launched by President Obama aimed at cutting red tape and waste created by regulatory burdens on the private sector. It marks the most significant reduction in paperwork achieved thus far by the administration.

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