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October 30, 2008

Just because you're a long-haul trucker doesn't mean you don't deserve some luxury oncein a while. And though it's hard to find in a world of fast-food meals and truck-stop showers, the place where you most need a luxurious touch is probably when you're on the road. Although today's cabs can be fitted with gadgets and gizmos to make them feel just like home, they're missing the luxurious touch of a limo or expensive car. Thanks to Twins Custom Coaches, however, finding some luxury on the highway just got a whole lot easier.

The Freightliner Argosy Standard Wins Coach is more than just your everyday cab. With two floors, a stainless chef's galley, and a home theater system, this cab is more than just a place to crash at the end of along day. In fact the tractor combines style with technology, featuring solid hardwood, leather, and granite, along with touch-screen controls. With specially placed windows increasing lighting, and interior walls, countertops, and floors crafted out of material to make that sun shine, the cab is spacious, beautiful, and practical.

Manufactured by Twins Custom Coaches, a company that has been around since 1998, offering excellent customer service and quality products to their customers. Although it may seem a bit lavish to some, the luxury cab is the brainchild of two twin brothers who designed the floor plan after their father, Glenn's, experiences as a trucker with his wife. In fact, it is the cramped hours that Glenn spent living out the cab of a Century class Freightliner that lead to the development of the product. With a unique insight into the life of the trucker, brothers Mickey and Todd Larson, who had cultivated a name for themselves in the custom car business, took on a challenge.

So with Glenn's experience and the twins' innovation, the luxury cab was born, pairing both comfort and finery with convenience and excellent mechanics. For accessibility and maintenance purposes, the truck's engine has been placed in an insulated compartment in the cab's floor. The one-piece roof and extended cab suggest a European influence. But although the style and deign of the cab make it one-of-a-kind, luxury really begins with the interior. A lush queen sized bed mounted atop a miniature spiral staircase, LCD screens with surround sound, and a tiled shower await the driver in this sate-of-the-art cab.

For truckers who like to cross the country in Style, this luxury cab can make the trip much easier. But truckers can choose to look into more than just this luxury vehicle at Twins Custom Coaches. An entire line based on the living needs of the trucker is available through the brothers' company. To learn more about the cabs and to see photos of this luxurious product, visit Mickey and Todd Larson, along with Dad, Glen in Central Oregon.

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