Custom License Plate Holder

December 2, 2008

Only truckers know how serious traffic violations can be. It's tough enough when you've earned that traffic violation by breaking a law of the road, but being stopped by a police officer for no fault of your own can be one of the most frustrating experiences that a trucker encounters. That's why truckers keep on top of their vehicle registration requirements, making sure they or their companies have met the requirements for licensure and other government regulations.

But truckers can still get pulled over or face fines for license plates that are not correctly revealed. This becomes frustrating when the reason that the license plate is not revealed is because of mud or road debris blocking the numbers. Most often, these debris just slide right off, but sometimes these debris can block numbers on the license plate, or even cause permanent harm.

That's where the clear cover license plate holder comes in. This product, manufactured by Weather Tech, is made of strong acrylic, and is called "virtually indestructible" and "complete license plate protection" by its marketers. The one-piece product also features a gasket seal in order to keep out moisture and dirt. Etched with UV protection, the acrylic cover also protects the license plate from yellowing and cracking. Truckers can choose the color of border for a custom license plate holder for their vehicle.

In addition to serving as a strong protection for their license plates, the clear cover is nearly guaranteed to fit snugly and install easily. The specially designed steeped lip format is formulated to fit nearly every license plate and vehicle with ease. The one-piece design and click and stay screw caps also aid in the easy installation of the product.

For less than $30, truckers can be sure that their license plate will remain free of obstruction with the clear cover by Weather Tech. Not only will this allow truckers to avoid tickets for improper display of license plate, but will also keep the license plate safe from normal wear and tear. This can save truckers the cost of license plate replacement, in addition to the hassle of re-plating their vehicle.

Whether you're worried about tickets related to license plate obstruction or license plate damage, the clear cover from Weather Tech is the perfect way to keep your plate safe.

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