Could Vibration from Truck Driving Drive Up the Incidence of Prostate Cancer?

July 9, 2015

Could the vibration from your ride cause prostate cancer?

Sitting too much on the job has been linked to a higher risk of health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease. For truck drivers, there's another risk to be aware of. New research has shown that men who drive trucks might have an increased risk of developing prostate cancer.

Trucking and Cancer Risks

Researchers found that truck drivers might be more prone to getting aggressive forms of prostate cancer due to prolonged exposure to truck vibrations. Those who drive newer trucks might not be at risk as much since these vehicle usually muffle vibrations, but those who drive older trucks typically have to deal with intense vibrations. With truck engines being located close to drivers' prostates while they're sitting, drivers have a higher risk of getting cancer. Researchers note that past studies have linked vibrations to increased testosterone production, which could explain the higher cancer risk.

Cause and Effect vs. Association

Researchers stress that the link between trucking and prostate cancer isn't necessarily a cause-and-effect relationship. In other words, they didn't prove that being a truck driver leads to a higher risk of developing prostate cancer. Other factors are involved as well, such as higher obesity rates among truck drivers from sitting much of the day on a regular basis. Obesity is a common risk factor for developing prostate cancer. Other possible factors include restricted blood flow to the pelvic region that results from being seated for long periods of time.

Cancer Prevention

Truck drivers can take steps to lower their risk of getting prostate cancer by maintaining a healthy weight. Researchers recommend the following trucker health tips:

  • Eating as healthy as possible while on the road
  • Being physically active for at least an hour per day

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