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July 29, 2010

RigQuote For The Win!

Rig Quote is an insurance provider that works with over 50 different insurance companies in the US to research and offer customize policies to trucking companies. They offer trucking insurance for every aspect of the trucking industry. Their aim is to do the insurance shopping for small or large fleets, new businesses or established corporations so the owners and managers can do what they do best - run a trucking company.

Rig Quote focuses on every aspect of the transportation industry including contingent cargo and liability, oil field service, dump trucks, heavy haulers, hazardous waste, construction trucking, logging and cement trucks, general commodities, fuel haulers, refuse trucks, busses, taxis, limousines to name a few. They do this in all 48 states and are ready to give a free quote online making it as easy as possible for truckers and owners to find what they need.

Each company will have different needs and situations. Some will have life long drivers and some will have new drivers. Some will carry hazardous wastes, and some will carry V.I.P's. Each customer is unique and needs different kinds of policies. Rig Quote will take the data, research the over 50 insurance companies they work with and put together an insurance policy that serves those needs. This is a huge benefit for the people who need commercial insurance.

Not only do they find and offer the right policy at the lowest price, they make paying as easy as possible. Payment can be made in monthly installments with a low down payment or can be put on a credit card, debit card or paid with a check. They also offer discounts depending on the type of business. They will make sure the company insurance is filed with the correct state and federal government agencies, so the agencies know that the vehicles have sufficient truck insurance protection. They offer a 15% Business Experience discount for businesses that have been running for at least one year and for owner operators.

There are many other types of discounts available. There is a 10% discount for drivers with a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) and for companies with a loss prevention procedure in place. There is a preferred risk discount for hauling non hazardous materials. For those operating in a particular radius of their home base, there is a 15% or more discount. A significant discount is offered for those companies that have dedicated routes or contracts with shippers, brokers or manufacturers. The best rate available is the owner operator discount. Owner operators can get rates equal or less than the huge trucking companies which will give them a competitive edge.

Rig Quote is willing to work with people new to the trucking business. They do not require minimum business or driving experience. Drivers who don't have a CDL or who just got it can get commercial trucking insurance at a very low rate.

They know every aspect of the trucking business and firmly believe it is the backbone of the economy. For trucks to keep moving they need commercial insurance, and they have made it their business to see every trucker covered. The professional staff at Rig Quote has been in the insurance business for years and knows how confusing it can be. They started Rig Quote to smooth the way to insurance coverage for the trucking industry.

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