Is Your Truck Insurance Roadworthy?

April 1, 2011
What makes you Roadworthy? We feel like we can help with some insight here. Donn Koonce from Commercial Truck Insurance specialists Lupke Rice Roadworthy Truck Insurance provides insight. When we asked Donn to consider how to provide better value to our customers, one of the first thoughts was to "know what the trucker deals with". To follow through on this Donn Koonce became a trucker! He spent a few months time learning the business from behind the wheel by going to class and getting his CDL license. We documented the whole thing right here in our Truck Insurance School videos.
What did Donn learn?
Safety comes with good equipment, ongoing maintenance and best practices with driving. Donn learned that driving a commercial truck is more than just grabbing the big wheel. It takes time outside of the truck to make sure you are in a good position to hit the road. The safety inspection is a requirement of the job, but Donn doesn't just know about it, he's done it.
Speed in a truck and speed in a car are two very different things. Keeping your license clean is critical, but it comes with a whole new set of challenges. Donn knows the challenges faced too. A traffic ticket means more than just a hefty fine, it also can affect a truckers job!
Insurance. Commercial Truck Insurance can be expensive, and saving money is important, especially for owner operators. Donn has put a focus on trucking so that he can provide the best resources for the Trucker. One of the things that we pride ourselves in, is caring about the Trucker, heck some of us ARE Truckers!
### Lupke Rice Raodworthy Truck Insurance is an Insurance Agency dedicated to understanding the needs of the Trucker. Contact Donn Koonce and our team at Anna Batio Community outreach for Roadworthy Truck Insurance

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