China is Funding Truck Monitoring Software

May 21, 2015

China Is Funding Truck Monitoring

In the trucking industry, we're always looking for new tricks and trends to move business forward. So what's the new trend in trucking? Partnering with China. That's right. A company across the world wants to help the American trucking industry find and keep customers and improve business in American trucking.

According to, Renren, a multi-million dollar holding company and social media platform in China, is investing in Trucker Path out of San Jose, California. Ivan Tsybaev, CEO of Trucker Path, explains that Trucker Path is a marketplace for freight transportation. They connect shippers, carriers and brokers together. A new mobile brokerage platform that leverages Trucker Path's smartphone app is is being beta tested.

Renren, a social media platform similar to Facebook, is continuing to develop and innovate for their core social networking system, according to Renren chairman and CEO, Joseph Chen. And because of the desire to innovate, Renren is interested in the logistics of Trucker Path. Renren invested in the similar company, GoGoVan, out of Hong Kong last year. This company uses a mobile app to arrange deliveries of small shipments within a city. E-commerce is growing rapidly in China, as is evident in the growth of companies such as GoGoVan and SF Express. Because of this growth in E-Commerce, the technology behind Trucker Path could be beneficial in China after a major reconstruction of their trucking scene.

Tsybaev hopes Renren and Trucker Path will connect shippers in China and others who want to ship to the US. He wants to help people who need US transportation. When Tsybaev started the company, he brought on Charles Myers, the formal general manager for uShip. He came with many years experience and connections. With Myers on his staff, Tsybaev is hoping to see the trucking industry move further away from older business models and more with the trend of mobile usage.

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