Cheating on Your Driving Log Book

February 18, 2008

This just in from CBS4 News in Denver - "CBS4 Finds Truckers Falsifying Logbooks"

You may agree or you may disagree with the article, but any way you look at it, log books are a fact of life for truckers and driving time is tied to the money you can make to stay in business or support your family. But logbooks are also about safety and protecting others on the road, including truckers themselves, from tired drivers that can cause accidents.

In Colorado, the rules are:

Fourteen hours maximum on duty in a day, but they can only drive 11 of those hours and 70 hours in an 8 day week.

Violate the rules and get a fine, but typically the fines are low. One trucker in the article got a $50 fine and was removed from service until he was back under the limit. But the truth is that until log books go digital, and are tied to the time that you are actually behind the wheel, cheating will happen.

Cheating hurts everyone and endangers others on the road, so keep your log book up-to-date and make sure to take the mandatory rest breaks. The rules are there for the safety of all. If you don't agree, leave your two cents below.

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