What you need to know about CARB Compliant Reefers

July 30, 2012

California Regulations

Requirements and Compliance

California continues to lead the way when it comes to higher emissions

regulations. On December 12, 2008 the California Air Resource Board

approved the CARB Compliance, with a goal of reducing particulate matter

and oxides of nitrogen emissions from diesel vehicles. Effective December

31, 2011, any reefer unit from 2004 or older must retrofit current engines

with a Lower Level Emissions Reduction System or purchase a New One.

Compliance Schedule

Level 3 Verified Diesel Emissions Control Strategy (VDECS) (85% PM Filter) meets ULETRU

HUSS MK35 and MK50 DPF have been verified at a Level 3+ diesel

emissions for use with 1998 and newer (TRU) engines, reduction of


Rypos DPF / ULETRU has been verified as a Ultra-Low-Emissions

TRU (ULETRU) on single temperature trailers TRU's using 2003 and

newer engines manufactured by Kubota and Yanmar.

Level 2 Verified Diesel Emissions Control Strategy (VDECS)

(50% PM Filter) meets LETRU

Proventia's FTF flowthrough filter comply's with Low-Emission TRU.

FTF is verified for use on most Thermo King TRU's with 1985 through

2003 year engines using 25-50hp.

Proventia Bobtail FTF comply's with Low-Emissions TRU on most

Thermo Kings with 1987 through 2004 engines using less than 25hp.

The Bobtail is also verified for user on Carrier Transcold units with

1994 through 2004 engines less than 25hp.

Utility Trailer Interstate provides compliance solutions

1. We sell and install Level 2 and Level 3 Lifetime DPF filters.

2. We can install new 2012 engines in our used reefer trailers which will

net you 7 years of compliance.

3. We can install new reefer units Thermo King or Carrier on our late

Model Used Reefer Boxes.



For additional information please call us at 1-888-708-9865.

WE look forward to serving your needs.

Information Links

California Air Resource Board Diesel Hotline: 1-866-6DIESEL

Compliance Schedule: http://www.arb.ca.gov/diesel/tru/tru.htm#mozTocId728447

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