Calling Lady Truckers - Television Wants You!

December 14, 2010

We've had a request in from across the "Pond" from a British TV company looking for lady truckers to take part in a documentary/reality TV-type show on the better looking sex. If you are interested in showing our British cousins how we live the life on the road, read on for information on how to contact the TV crew (if you don't have a truck, you'd better check out trucks for sale and get yourself one pronto).

It seems that television audiences are tired of looking at handsome Alex Dobogorski and are more interested in the stylishly, beautiful Lisa Kelly. While the Ice Road Truckers format reached a wide audience and made household names out of the principle characters featured in the show, out in TV land there is a hunger for more. The Brit show will be focusing on how women truckers balance a life on the road with family back home, so expect some pretty intimate delving into what's going on behind closed doors back home and in the cab. No word on how much they're prepared to pay, but if you are looking to gain some exposure or want to have your own TV show, now's your chance.

I'm all for more lady truckers on the road: if you had the choice who would you prefer to look at all day - grizzly, smelly guys or great looking lady with tight jeans on - I mean, come on ...sheesh!

The Brits are looking for female truckers who are:

  • a trucker....duh!
  • have children
  • work in the United States and/or Canada

We recently featured a lady trucker with a blog, Plum Trucker down in Florida and apparently our blog is read in that great trucking center of the world... London, UK (?)

In any event, contact the TV company if you qualify:

Emma Martins


Tel: 01144 207 688 5194 (but remember this is an international call)

The television company Emma works for is Wag TV and you can find them on the web.

One note for Alex Dobogorski - I remember the Ice Road Truckers episode where you were in hospital and called your wife to tell her, "Good news, I'm not pregnant!" - you still don't qualify for this show ;)

Alex Dobogorski featured again in a CD we got through the mail; it was Trucker Tracks Vol 3 featuring the lilting strains of Alex's voice on the initial track, Ice Road Trucker. He sings like he looks, but we loved it, and you should check it out if you are looking for a Christmas stocking present for the trucker in your life. Check out the songs and order yours on the website and thanks to Doug Jones for sending us a copy.

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