Buying The Right Trailers

Every time you make the decision to buy a new trailer for your company you are making a big investment in your business. So the question becomes why you should choose one flatbed manufacturer versus another. Here's a look at why you should buy a Fontaine flatbed trailer for your next business investment.

Great Standard Options

When it comes to buying a new flatbed many manufacturers will start out with a low price only to quickly raise it once you pick the extra options that are essential for you to effectively run your company. The Fontaine Trailer Company starts off with the most important features as standard with each of their trailers. This means that the first price is also the last price, and you know that you are buying a flatbed that will meet your business's needs. With 15 cargo chain tie downs, a coil package, and the XtremeBeam lifetime warranty as standard features, you know you are getting a rugged flatbed trailer that can handle the toughest jobs.

High Resale Value

Fontaine's dedication to innovation and quality construction has led to over 60 years of happy customers. It is also made the Fontaine Trailer Company the largest manufacturer of flatbed trailers in the world. Couple that with the strong financial backing of Marmon Highway Technologies and Berkshire Hathaway and you have a superior company with a superior product. This means that your investment in a flatbed will pay off during your time of ownership and when you go to sell it in the future. The durable construction, reliable performance, and generous warranty make buying a used Fontaine trailer a smart decision for anyone who is looking to grow their business on a budget. This means there is a large market for reselling your flatbed for great price.

Innovative Fuel Saving Models

With the company's consistent dedication to building the latest state-of-the-art platform trailer comes added reliability and fuel savings for the buyer. The recent creation of the Revolution series of flatbed by Fontaine has added some of the lightest and strongest trailers to the road. Whether you are looking for an all aluminum or steel-aluminum hybrid, you will find a new advanced aerodynamic shape with friction stir welding that has been developed by aerospace companies and used to increase your fuel efficiency by as much as 10%, while adding strength to the floor system for bigger payloads. This means you can load more cargo while saving money on gas and improving the bottom line for your business.

The reasons that people buy a Fontaine flatbed trailer are many. If you are looking for a trailer manufacturer that offers the highest quality at an affordable price, has consistently high resale value, and offers some of the strongest, lightest, and most fuel efficient flatbeds on the market, then Fontaine is your company.

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