Bose Ride System Alleviates Back Vibration Injuries

April 17, 2014

Prevent Back Pain With New Vibrating Seats

Back pain is one of the major physical hazards that affect truck driver health. Prolonged sitting and extended exposure to whole-body vibrations take a serious toll on the spinal column. Over time, permanent damage can occur. A new truck seat developed by Bose could end trucker back problems and significantly improve the health of long-haul truck drivers.

Bose's Results of the On-Road Study

Bose claims its new Bose Ride System eliminates whole-body vibrations, backing up those claims by releasing the results of a 9-month, on-road study of the new ride system at the recent Mid-America Trucking Show.

"The results showed clearly dramatic improvements in end-of-day pain and fatigue, Michael Rosen, general manager of the Bose Road Team, told Truck News. Seventy-three drivers from three fleets participated in the study.

  • 89% of drivers felt the Bose Ride System would extend their driving career.
  • 76% experienced decreased end-of-day back pain and discomfort.
  • 67% said the ride system improved their visibility both inside and outside the truck.
  • 71% said they were more confident they could avoid a collision.
  • 52% experienced less end-of-day fatigue.
  • 33% said they needed fewer driving breaks.

Whole-Body Vibration Might Affect Balance

Whole body vibrations may also impair truck driver balance. University of Washington graduate student Molly Halverson has been tracking the relationships between vibration exposure, balance and falls, which are a main cause of acute injuries in the trucking industry. "Three-quarters of falls occur when drivers are exiting the vehicle, and we think prolonged exposure to whole-body vibration may be part of the cause," UW Associate Professor Peter Johnson said.

Previous UW research has shown that active-suspension seats are 50% more effective than standard air-suspension seats in reducing driver exposure to whole body vibration. UW studies have also shown that drivers suffer a significant drop in balance between the beginning and end of an 8-hour shift. The next phase of the UW study will test different seat types to see whether vibration reduction improves balance and reduces falls.

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