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May 27, 2009

Since 1932, Bruckner's has been just as associated with trucking as Kleenex is associated with tissue. That's why we're excited to welcome Bruckner Truck Salesinto our pool of associates. A history like Bruckner's is hard to beat. The company, a big truck dealer,was founded by one Texas businessman who poured his heart and soul into getting high-quality trucks for some of the nation's most hardworking people—the truckers! He also staffed the company with those who were as passionate as he was. Today, that passion lives on in a company that not only offers quality trucks and trailers to its customers, but also gives back to the community.

Raised with the ingenuity and longevity of Macks, Bruckner Truck Salesis, above anything else, a Mack dealer, and truckers who want to find the best of new and used Macks should check there first! In addition to Macks, Bruckner's now offers Volvos and Mitsubishi trucks in some locations. Offering both new and used vehicles, Bruckner's is the place to shop, whether you're looking for quality, affordability, or both—you'll find it at Bruckner's. Also experienced in trailer sales, Bruckner's is a dealer in Midland, Specialized, Dragon, and Trailboss trailers—everything from dump trailer's to Fontaine's heavy haul trailers to goosenecks. Used trailers can also be found on Bruckner's physical or virtual lot, and the company has a name for quality service, as well as quality sales. Truckers who take their trucks to Bruckner's Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico locations will find quality service technicians, as well as parts sales.

So whether you're looking for a big truck dealer that sells trailers, trucks, parts, or service, visit Bruckner Truck Sales first.. For a list of locations and contact info, Click Here!

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