Best Truck Stops for Truckers

February 9, 2012

As much as most truckers would love to be home, truck stops are usually the closest thing to home on the road. The biggest complaints that many big rig drivers have about truck stops is the lack of parking and overall dirtiness of some places. Many truck stop workers are unfriendly and others are great except they don't offer the driver anything to pass the time. Here are some of the most recommended truck stops in the United States.

Iowa 80 Truckstop

The Iowa 80 truckstop is located at exit 284 on I-80. Here you will find the worlds largest truck stop, which features a restaurant that seats 300 diners as well as 24 showers, a 60 seat movie theater, barber, dentist, food court, and just about anything else that a driver is looking for. They have parking for about 800 tractor trailers as well as cars and buses. The truckers warehouse store is a great place to shop, and Super Truck Showroom features 30,000 square feet of truck parts and accessories as well as experienced staff that specializes in helping truckers find the perfect accessories to customize their trucks. Iowa 80 also houses a trucking museum to showcase the history of the trucking industry.

Boise Stage Stop

The Boise Stage shop is recommended by drivers because of the friendly staff and delicious food. This truck stop isn't as fancy as many of the larger places to stop, but it's cleanliness and friendliness make up for the lack of amenities. The old time atmosphere in the restaurant and surrounding area is also very appealing. Their bathrooms are large and clean and the television room is a great place for drivers to relax and chat about their runs. This truck stop is more than 100 years old but is modern enough to serve today's drivers with kindness and outstanding food.

Porky's Truck Stop

This truckstop, located in South Carolina, is known for being a fun place to spend a few days. In the heart of 'South of the Border', Porky's truck stop is surrounded by a fun town that is full of ways to spend your time. South of the Border features a wedding chapel, fueling stations, motel, onsite fire department, 200 foot viewing tower, and more. Truckers can also choose from four restaurants and a variety of shopping options including a drug store, gift shop, antique shop, and indoor flea market. Many truckers say that it's the best place to spend the weekend in South Carolina.


Just of I-5 in Portland, Oregon, Jubitz has been called the classiest truck stop in the world. This truckstop features laundry, a wonderful restaurant and a lounge where dance lessons and live music are often found. Many country music stars played at Jubitz when their careers began and you never know who you'll see there. They also have a movie theater, game room, deli and store. Jubitz has a comfortable motel where drivers can find discounted rooms as well as free wi-fi and an outpatient medical clinic. Especially for truckers, Jubitz offers sample parking as well as a truck maintenance and repair facility that is open seven days a week and offers DOT inspection services as well as oil changes, alignments and other vehicle services. The staff at Jubitz is known to be friendly and welcoming to drivers as well as their family and friends.

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