Battery Disconnect Switches for Truckers

February 1, 2010

According to one of the leading manufacturers of battery disconnect switches, these innovative pieces of equipment protect from theft, battery drain, and accidental starting. A powerful safety tool, battery disconnect switches can protect drivers from loosing their investments or lives, as well as from harming others.

This Battery-Disconnect Switch - Will Fit Both Side Post and Top Post and causes all power from the truck's electrical system to stop flowing, preventing a thief from taking off with a trucker's vehicle. Because it can be operated both manually and through an emergency application, this switch allows the trucker to have control of the vehicle in an emergency, while also guarding the truck while the operator is away.

The batter disconnect switch can also be used to help you save money as it stops the drain on your battery while you're not in your truck. Battery drain occurs on every normal vehicle, but it can be worse for some that have electrical problems. In those cases, having a battery disconnect switch is a great way to keep the problem in check before it can be fixed.

Finally, the emergency component allows power to be shut off in the event that electrical maintenance workers are threatened. This way, the truck cannot be accidentally started while a maintenance technician is working on it. Further, the protection against accidental starting can be especially important if you park your semi at home and have curious, young children. Because of this, the product meets OSHA standards, making it a good buy.

A battery disconnect switch cannot replace a traditional alarm or a watchful trucker that is careful with his or her vehicle, but it can be an important second line of defense saving lives, people from injury, vehicles from damage, and money. Indeed, you might get to like your battery disconnect switch so much that you want one for your personal car or truck. If that's the case, you're in luck. You can buy battery disconnect switches for private vehicles on popular web sites such as Amazon and Nextag. These battery disconnect switches are easy to install, and many of them can be conveniently placed where they are not crowding your vehicle or in the sight of potential thieves.

So no matter what vehicle you want to protect, a battery disconnect switch can be a positive option.

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