Basic Fall Maintenance Tasks

September 24, 2015

Basic Fall Maintenance

Fall is here, and it's time to get ready for the winter. If you own your own rig, get some basic maintenance done before the snow flies. Let's face it, you don't want to be out in the middle of nowhere on a frigid and blowing winter day trying to fix something that should have been done earlier. Here are some things you can do now that will save you some time later.

Replace Broken Mud Flaps

In the wet of rain or snow, you don't want to be kicking up road debris or ice as your are moving down the highway. The least you might do is throw something into your brakes or kick up a stone and puncture your gas tank. The worst of it is you could throw up a chunk of ice and damage a car that's next to you. So, change out any broken ones, and do that now before the cold weather sets in.

Hose Off your Radiator

The summer bugs, birds and bees are all stuck in your radiator. Now is the time to hose them off before the coming winter. Goodness knows, you don't want your rig to overheat in the middle of a cold spell. So hose out your radiator and get all of the gunk out.

Spray Lube your Door Locks

Don't get caught locking your doors at a rest stop, only to have the keyhole freeze solid when you come back to your rig. Virtually any commercial spray lube will both lubricate the locking mechanism while chasing water away. And, if your locks do freeze up, always carry a small container of lube on your person. Keep it warm in your pocket and use it just like any other lock antifreeze.

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