ATA Releases Trucking Trends for 2015

July 30, 2015

Trucking Trends

Trucking soared to new heights in 2014, and American Trucking Associations has the scoop on all the numbers. Here are some highlights from the latest release of "American Trucking Trends."

State of the Industry

The ATA reports that trucking grossed a whopping $700.4 billion in 2014. A grand total of about 3.4 million truckers employed across 1.3 million carriers.

How many miles did you drive last year? The average truck logs almost 70,000 miles per year these days. Last year, all that driving moved about 10 billion tons of freight about 70% of all commercial freight.

Slowing Down: Safety and Fuel Efficiency

Trucking can be dangerous, but the driver is in control. Speeding is often a major factor in fatal trucking accidents. The ATA report reminds all of us to slow down. Lower speeds also improve fuel efficiency. Your truck will use 27% less fuel at 65 mph compared to 75 mph.

Speed Limits

In addition to watching your own speedometer, truckers should be aware of roadways with extremely high speed limits especially in Texas, South Dakota, Utah, and Idaho.

Speed Limiters

The ATA also urges the federal government to take action on the issue of speed limiters. ATA research finds that adding limiters to large trucks would increase safety for everyone on the road.

Fun Facts

What's the most interested load you have ever hauled? Along with covering trucking trends, the ATA brings up some fun facts:

  • 888 basketballs are delivered by truck for the college basketball championship
  • 40 million Valentine's Day chocolate boxes get delivered by truck
  • About $16.5 billion in highway tolls are paid by truckers each year

Truckers, is 2015 going the way you expected? How do you feel about the future of the industry? Follow the blog for the latest trends and if you need to buy or sell a truck for the next stage of your trucking career, head over to our listings.

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