Answer a Quick Survey for a Chance to Win a Gift Card for Petro Stopping!

June 6, 2011

It is once again time to crack the window open for a peek into our world by other professionals. Trucker to Trucker was recently contacted by a Ms. Elyria Kemp, PhD of Texas State University to invite our readers to participate in a survey. As our regular readers will know, we do not often field requests for participation in surveys. We felt that this 15 minute survey would help serve everyone involved including helping non-industry professionals understand what we deal with and how we function. To sweeten the deal, each participant will be entered into a drawing to win a $50.00 Petro Stopping Center gift card.

Take the Survey and Enter Me Into the Drawing for the Petro Stopping Gift Card!

So, what is the survey about?

Dr. Kemp is researching the stresses that tax drivers in their regular working environment. She is attempting to paint a clearer picture of how these factors affect safety and compliance for trucks on the roadways. Now, it should be noted that this research is for an academic study. It has no bearing on politics, legislation activities, or anything more than the study that Dr. Kemp is performing. The research will only be used to help university researchers understand our industry a bit clearer.

We hope you choose to participate. If so, please be aware of the following information.

The survey should only take approximately 15 minutes of your time to complete. Answer each question to the best of your understanding even if it seems repetitive. It is important that all questions are answered to provide a robust view of the information the survey-taker is giving. The survey is anonymous and the answers will only be used in comparison to the answers of other survey-takers. The responses will not be shared with any industry officials or management.

The survey has been reviewed by an ethics group to ensure it complies with all rights afforded to human involved in test studies. Any further inquiries about the study or if a survey-taker is interested in seeing the results; appropriate contact information of involved parties is supplied below.

Elyria Kemp, PhD, Texas State University Steven W. Kopp, PhD, University of Arkansas

Thanks for your time and consideration!

Take the Survey and Enter Me Into the Drawing for the Petro Stopping Gift Card!

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