9 Easy Steps To Making Your Truck Sell

July 19, 2011

The process of posting a dump truck or even semi trucks for sale does not need to be overly complicated. A buyer that wants to locate a dump trailer is just as likely as the buyer looking for a Mitsubishi for sale to put their money on what they see as a great deal. Selling a Mack truck or a box truck even in this difficult economic climate does not have to be an incredible task. The following 9 steps will assist you in moving your truck or trailer in a timely fashion.

*Presentation Matters

Any classified ads you place online featuring your truck should have pictures. Spend the time to thoroughly clean it before snapping the shots. Do not leave it looking as though you are using it. Buyers subconsciously equate it to dirtiness.

*Effective Placement

A buyer that is looking for a dump truck is not going to be interested in a full tractor trailer. Ensure that any websites where you place advertisements have efficient categorization so buyers that are looking for a truck like yours can find it.

*Prompt Response

Any communication or inquiries you receive about your truck should be met promptly and concisely. Even if you need a day or two to locate the information, you are better served contacting the party to let them know you got their inquiry and will answer it soon.

*Realistic Pricing

You will want to determine whether or not the asking price for your truck is in the right neighborhood. An individual buying from a private seller will not pay dealer prices for a truck. Dealers provide additional warranties and quality checks that private sellers do not.

*Relevant Text

The text of your advertisement will convey a lot of important information to the reader. Do not include information that can be ascertained from looking at pictures. Include relevant information such as mileage, notes about maintenance, and the physical location of the truck. The more relevant information the better.

*Enable the Sale

Nearly every buyer can be turned off by having to go through too much work to actually buy a product. Ensure that there are no tedious steps in your contact process or the sales process if they can be avoided. The websites you advertise at should have a concise system in place for facilitating sales.

*Honesty Sells

Your potential buyer knows they are getting a used vehicle. They already know that there may be pre-existing problems with it. You are better off not trying to hide them. If you do try and hide them, your potential buyer will just assume you are not being entirely truthful with them. If you have taken immaculate care of the truck, have the maintenance and repair records to prove it.

*Avoid Time Wasted

The best websites to put your truck for sale on will rank fairly high with search engines and be focused on selling trucks. The easiest way to find them is to do what your potential buyer would be doing, plug search queries into Google that would correspond to your truck. Look for the websites that appear on the first page or two that host classifieds.

*Paid Placement

There are many places you can potentially post your advertisement. It is not in your best interest to simply blanket your advertisement anywhere. Websites like Craigslist and Ebay are great for swapping some items. Chances are pretty good you will not see a lot of potential buyers for a used truck on those websites. The operative phrase is "a lot". You want to reach a high volume of people that are actually looking to buy a truck. Paid listings on truck for sale websites are a great way to do that if it is within your budget.

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