5 Tips to Driving Your Big Rig in Snowy Weather

March 17, 2015

Driving In The snow

When weather conditions behave like an out-of-control roller coaster, trucking in bad weather takes all the expertise and knowledge available to have a safe journey.

Whether you're a veteran over-the-road trucker or just getting started, knowing the right tips for driving in the snow can get you to your destination safe and sound.

  • There have been plenty of videos on the news showing vehicles, including big rigs, slipping, sliding, and slamming into other vehicles on snow and ice covered highways. The number one safety tip when these conditions are present is to slow down. You may arrive at your destination later than scheduled, but the chances are higher you'll arrive in one piece if you heed this advice
  • We learned this in driving school and it still holds true; always allow ample space between you and the vehicle in front of you. When things go awry on winter roadways, it's always a good idea to have some extra "wiggle" room between powerful machinery
  • When visibility is next to nothing, relying on the taillights of the vehicle in front of you as a safe beacon of light can lead to a disaster. Keep in mind, if you can see the lights clearly, chances are, you're following to close to be considered safe
  • Sometimes we feel safer traveling with a group of vehicles all bunched together. While this may create the illusion of safety, it isn't. Move outside of the group mentality and go it alone so you have ample space enveloping your vehicle. You don't want to be in a "too close for comfort" situation
  • Like any situation when the weather is bad, we use our judgment whether or not to take to the highway. When winter weather creates dangerous and hazardous conditions, don't try to tough it through. Park and ride out the storm

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